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    Elje Hinno
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    The price of the plot includes:

    – Water and sewerage system connection fees
    – Electricity network connection fee (3 x 16 A)
    – Gas network connection fee
    – Telecommunications connection point
    – Plans for tarmac streets, rainwater pipes, cycle and pedestrian tracks and street lighting
    – VAT

    The price does not include:

    – Notary fee connected to entering into the sales and purchase agreement of the immovable
    – Notary fees connected to the establishment of a mortgage; state fees paid upon registration


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    For example, when taking out a housing loan of 30,000 euros with a non-fixed interest rate of 3.0% per year, monthly repayments with a loan period of 360 months and a 300 euro contract fee, the initial annual percentage rate is 3.12% per year, the total credit cost is 15,833.24 euros and the total sum for returning the credit and covering the total credit cost would be 45,833.24 euros. The collateral of the credit must be insured throughout the entire loan period; however, the insurance costs depend on the loan recipient’s chosen insurer and insurance conditions, which are unknown to the lender. The loan recipient pays the state fee and notary fee necessary for posting collateral, the final amount of which is not known to the lender. The loan recipient pays the fee for the evaluation of the collateral, the amount of which depends on the surveyor and is therefore unknown to the lender.