Building terms


No. of immovables: 16
No. of floors: main buildings may be up to 2 floors high
Number of buildings allowed on a plot: 1 main building + 1 auxiliary building
Area under building: up to 15% of the plot area


The conditions to be followed in designing and constructing buildings to the Kloostrimetsa2 residential district
The planned area is intended for constructing small residential buildings.

Building rights:
Number of buildings allowed on a plot: 1 main building + 1 auxiliary building
No. of floors: main buildings may have up to 2 above-ground floors and 1 cellar floor.
The maximum allowed height of a building is 9 m; the maximum allowed area of an auxiliary building is 50 m2.
Roof angle: 20–45°
Building style: The borders of the area occupied by the building, incl. underground area, are specified on the main drawing of the detailed plan. A plot may have 1 auxiliary building with a maximum 50 m² area.

The construction of auxiliary buildings must spare the existing trees as little as possible and the auxiliary buildings should be constructed next to the border with the neighbouring plot, if necessary.

Location of buildings on plot: articulated buildings that consider the existing full-grown trees on the plot

Fencing: Height up to 1.5 m; fences must be transparent; use wire mesh fences (green or grey) or sparse picket fences with hedges In building fences, the location of trees must be considered and existing trees must be spared.

Requirements to the exterior design of buildings:
Roofing: pitched roofs are to be covered with slate surface roll roofing; stone slates or roof sheet (black, grey and dark brown tones).
Selection of exterior finishing materials: natural materials like stone, rendering, wood. It is prohibited to build log houses or use plastic covering the surface structure of which imitates other materials.

*The pictures on the web page are illustrative and may be different from the actual completed living environment.